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Anyone can lobby

Call your legislator and set up an appointment. Find state representatives at National Conference of State Legislatures Use the Contacting the Congress website to find contact information for members of Congress. If you cannot go in person please call and email one of our brochures with a note. It is imperative that your legislator hear from you on animal issues and hear the TRUTH, not animal rightist emotional propaganda.

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Mandatory Spay Neuter- A Failure Everywhere
Mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) laws are promoted by groups who claim it will end euthanasia of animals, animal abandonment and shelter overpopulation. There is no success story for mandatory spay/neuter.

Collection of Position Statements from national organization opposed to mandatory spay neuter laws

Hound Hunting Fact Sheet.
To achieve their anti-hunting goal, HSUS needs to sell emotional images to the public that portray hunting as cruel, hunters as heartless, and hunting with hounds as especially gruesome. Learn the real facts about hound hunting.

HSUS: the wolf in sheep's clothing

The Bitter Taste of Animal Activism: A Short Course in Animal Rights Strategy

Understanding HSUS: A Guide to the World's Richest Animal Rights Group." From Humane Watch. This is a must-read for anyone who cares about the growing role of the animal rights movement.

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