Virginia Hunting Dog Owners' Association

VHDOA is a volunteer, nonpartisan dog owner group dedicated to protecting Virginian’s hunting traditions. It advances those issues and policies that most effectively promote that interest. Supportive legislators receive the votes and tangible assistance.

  • Mission Statement

    The Virginia Hunting Dog Owners' Association is a statewide volunteer group of sporting, hound and mixed breed hunting dog owner s dedicated to advancing and protecting the Old Dominion's hunting traditions. We are nonpartisan and support, after careful analysis, those issues, policies and legislators that most effectively promote hunting dog owners' interests. The advocacy is proactive and long term; we rely heavily on electronic communications. Legislators that assist us in preserving their hunting traditions will receive the votes and the tangible support.

  • Code of Ethics

    Their members adhere to a strict code of ethics in enjoying their hunting sport, caring for their animals and competing with them. We abide by all laws and regulations governing hunting, respecting wildlife and private property, and expect others to do likewise. Members' dogs are as important to their lives as their hunting sport. The dogs are the companions and partners and they're entitled to appropriate care, which includes nutritious food, shelter and necessary veterinary attention. Frequently field trials and dog testing programs are an integral part of hunting dog training; such activities require the highest levels of sportsmanship and afford opportunities to share the joys of dog ownership and the outdoors with others, especially the young.