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Legislative Awards 2011

SAOVA is proud to honor the state legislators who were award recipients for 2011.

Each legislator on our 2011 Award list is a champion for animal owners. SAOVA along with our state volunteers appreciate the support they have shown us.

Sportsmen, hunters, animal owners, and livestock producers are besieged each year by animal rightist groups attempting to pass legislation that would place severe restrictions on our rights. We are indeed grateful to legislators such as these who represent our interests fairly and work to protect our traditions.

Senator Bob Deuell (TX) - Legislative Leader 2011

Representative Bryan Hughes (TX)- Legislative Leader 2011

Senator Brent Jackson (NC) - Legislative Leader 2011

Representative Tim Moore (NC) - Legislative Leader 2011

Senator Mike Parson (MO) - Legislator of the Year 2011

Senator Joey Pendleton (KY) - Legislator of the Year 2011

Representative David Simpson (TX) - Legislative Leader 2011

Representative Annette Sweeney (IA) - Legislator of the Year 2011

Representative Sue Wallis (WY) - Legislator of the Year 2011

Martin Kralik presenting award to
Rep. Bryan Hughes

Nancy Glick and Betsy Fickel presenting award to
Rep. Annette Sweeney


"It is a great honor to receive this award from such an outstanding organization," Senator Pendleton said. "Protecting the rights of both sportsmen and animal owners is vital to the well-being of people and animals alike." Senator Joey Pendleton (KY)

"I would like to thank everyone involved with SAOVA for this prestigious award. I am humbled and honored to receive this recognition for my continuing work with agriculture and sportsmen in the State of Iowa." Representative Annette Sweeney (IA)

"We need to return sanity to government at many levels. Responsible animal owners and sportsmen can work together to ensure sustainable and humane treatment of animals without the unnecessary regulations and expensive new government bureaucracies. I appreciate SAOVA's recognition of my efforts to keep government limited and accountable to the people." Representative David Simpson (TX)

"Words cannot express how honored I am to receive this prestigious award," says Wallis, "It is only by standing together, shoulder to shoulder, with animal owners and true animal welfare advocates in livestock, sporting animal, pet animal, exhibition and performance worlds, lab research, and every other animal enterprise that we have any hope of preserving our ability to enjoy and benefit from animals in our lives. It is imperative for each of us to stand united if we want any hope of raising our children and grandchildren in a culture that understands animal well-being and husbandry, and that preserves our private property rights to use and enjoy animals. Radical activists cannot succeed in their effort to destroy our livelihoods, cause our animals to suffer, nor push their unhealthy, unnatural vegan agenda if we do so." Representative Sue Wallis (WY)

"Texans have always loved to hunt and fish. The rights of sportsmen and responsible animal owners are important, and we have to make sure they are protected." Representative Bryan Hughes (TX)

"This honor means a great deal to me, and I appreciate the work of The Sportsmen's & Animal Owners' Voting Alliance on behalf of sportsmen and animal owners everywhere." Representative Tim Moore (NC)

"I was honored to help my constituents and didn't realize I would receive an award. I thought I was just doing my job as my constituents elected me to do. I'm very appreciative of receiving this award." Senator Brent Jackson (NC)

"As an avid sportsman and outdoorsman, I appreciate the work SAOVA does to protect our rights as animal owners. I will continue to work with their leaders and membership to protect our rights and our sporting heritage." Senator Bob Deuell (TX)

Martin Kralik and Rep. David Simpson (TX)

Tom Lundberg presenting award
to Sen. Deuell (TX)

Susan Wolf and Joe McClees present
award to Rep. Tim Moore (NC)

Wyoming Representative Sue Wallis

Karen Strange (MO Federation of Animal Owners)
presents award to Sen. Mike Parson (MO)

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