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Legislative Awards 2010

SAOVA is proud to honor the state legislators who were award recipients for 2010.

Each legislator understands firsthand the many challenges facing citizens involved in all facets of the animal industry and realizes that overzealous animal protection legislation can negatively impact responsible animal owners and sportsmen.

Collectively these legislators displayed outstanding leadership by assisting their colleagues in making informed decisions about animal issues relying on facts and not emotional half-truths.

Each legislator on our 2010 Award list is a champion for animal owners. SAOVA along with our state volunteers appreciate the support they have shown us.

Assemblyman Martin Garrick (CA) Legislator of the Year 2010

Senator Charles S. Dean (FL) Legislator of the Year 2010

Representative Jim Sacia (IL) Legislator of the Year 2010

Representative Charles E. Kleckley (LA) Legislative Leader 2010

Senator Robert Adley (LA) Legislative Leader 2010

Representative Steve Drazkowski (MN) Legislative Leader 2010

Representative Rod Hamilton (MN) Legislative Leader 2010

Senator Phil Berger (NC) Legislative Leader 2010

Representative William L. Wainwright (NC) Legislative Leader 2010

Doris Hutson presenting award to
Sen. Robert Adley

Doris Hutson presenting award to
Rep. Kleckley


Senator Robert Adley was essential in amending a House Bill that would have placed severe restrictions on tethering. Because Senator Adley�s district is mostly rural with many wildlife management areas, he realized the bill as originally proposed would hurt the hunters and dog owners in his district. Adley stated, "Tethering is not cruel as long as there is proper shelter, food, and room for the dog to move that would not cause harm."

Representative Charles Keckley thanked SAOVA for presenting him with one of this year's awards, recognizing his efforts to table a breed-specific insurance requirement bill. Keckley continued, "Unfortunately some breeds are targeted because of one irresponsible owner's actions. I felt that this bill was not necessary and would only harm the responsible dog owners of the state."

"As an avid outdoorsman, I am pleased to be recognized by SAOVA for my common sense approach to issues about responsible animal ownership. I am honored to receive this recognition for my work in the legislature and appreciate the passion that my constituents and SAOVA have for animal-related matters". Assemblymember Martin Garrick (CA)

"I'm honored to receive this award, from a great organization. We're committed to protecting private property and giving sportsmen and animal owners the freedom they deserve." Senator Phil Berger (NC)

"I am honored and grateful to the Sportsmen's & Animal Owners Voting Alliance for recognizing me as a 2010 Legislative Leader. I appreciate their support and vote of confidence, as I continue to work to protect animals." Representative William Wainwright (NC)

"I am humbled and honored to receive this award." Representative Jim Sacis (IL)

Mary Jo Trimble presenting award to
Representative Jim Sacia

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