Texas' November 2, 2004 General Election
- Four sitting Democrats lost in General, two lost in Primaries -
The 18 incumbent candidates not listed here support your interests and are SAOVA ENDORSED.
2nd District **Incumbent Nick Lampson (D) - NO, 56% Animal Extremist Voter Lost
9th District Open Seat Al Green (D) - Unable to contact.
10th District Open Seat Mike McCaul (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED - Won
11th District Open Seat Mike Conaway (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED - Won
16th District Incumbent Silvestre Reyes (D) - Animal Rightist Flirtations
18th District Incumbent Shelia Jackson Lee (D)- NO, 78% Animal Extremist Voter
19th District Rep. Charlie Stenholm (D) - SAOVA ENDORSED - Lost
20th District ** Incumbent Charlie Gonzalez (D) - NO, 67% Animal Extremist Voter
24th District Open Seat
Kenny Marchant (R) - Unable to contact.
25th District Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D) - NO, 67% Animal Extremist Voter
28th District Open Seat Henry Cuellar (D) - No basis for recommendation. Candidate failed to answer SAOVA's questionnaire despite repeated requests.
29th District **Incumbent Gene Green (D) -NO, 78% Animal Extremist Voter
30th District Incumbent E.B. Johnson (D) - NO, 78% Animal Extremist Voter
32nd District Incumbent Pete Sessions (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED - Won
HumaneUSA PAC funded and endorsed state legislative candidates, through October 15, 2004.

Rep. Toby Goodman - (R-93) Arlington
Kate Hubener - (D-106) Dallas LOST
Rep. Tommy Merritt - (R-7) Longview

Heartiest praise for Rep. Betty Brown (R-Henderson and Kaufman Counties), who incurred the HumaneUSA PAC's condemnation for her pro-active support of sportsmen and animal owners.
U.S. House members voting against hunters and state game departments are shown in italics
** Denotes professed sportsmen supporters.