New Mexico's November 2, 2004 General Election Results
-All incumbents won-
1st District Incumbent Heather Wilson (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
Richard Romero (D) HumaneUSA PAC Endorsed & Funded, Animal Rightist Candidate.
2nd District Incumbent Steve Pearce (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
Gary King (D) - HumaneUSA PAC Endorsed & Funded, Animal Rightist Candidate.
3rd District **Incumbent Tom Udall (D) - NO! 78% Animal Extremist Voter

Animal Protection of New Mexico/Animal Protection Voters'
"Perfect (100%) Voting Score" 2004 State Legislators Standing for Reelection
    Mary Jane Garcia (D-36)
    Linda Lopez (D-11)
    Richard Martinez (D-5) nro
    Cisco McSorley (D-16) nro
    Mary Kay Papen (D-38)
    Bernadette M. Sanchez (D-26) nro
    Diane Snyder (R-15)
    Thomas Anderson (R-29)
    Miguel Garcia (D-14)
    Irvin Harrison (D-5) nro
    Antonio Lujan (D-35)
    J Roger Madalena (D-65) nro
    Henry "Kiki" Saavedra (D-10) nro
    Nick Salazar (D-40) nro
    Tom Swisstak (D-60)
    Joe Thompson (R-31) - Withdrew
    Teresa Zanetii (R-15)
nro Denotes incumbent legislators without a reelection opponent.
U.S. House members voting against hunters and state game departments are shown in italics.
** Denotes professed sportsmen supporters.