Indiana's November 2, 2004 General Election
-All incumbents but Joe Kernan and Baron Hill won-
Governor Incumbent Joe Kernan (D) and Mitch Daniels (R) -
No basis for endorsement. Both candidates failed to answer questionnaire, despite prolonged SAOVA efforts.
U.S. Senate Incumbent Evan Bayh (D) - NO, 60+% Animal Extremist Voter
1st District Incumbent Peter Visclosky (D) - NO, 67% Animal Extremist Voter
2nd District Incumbent Chris Chocola (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
3rd District Incumbent Mark Souder (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
4th District Incumbent Steve Buyer (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
5tht District Incumbent Dan Burton (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
6th District Incumbent Mike Pence (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
7th District Incumbent Julia Carson (D) - NO, 78% Animal Extremist Voter
8th District Incumbent John Hostettler (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
Jon Jennings (D) HumaneUSA PAC Endorsed.
9th District Incumbent Baron Hill (D) - SAOVA ENDORSED
House members voting against hunters and state game departments are shown in italics