Illinois' November 2, 2004 General Election
-All incumbents except Rep. Crane won-
U.S. Senate Open Seat Barack Obama (D) - NO! Failed to answer questionnaire. HumaneUSA PAC Endorsed. WON
Alan Keys (R)
1st District Incumbent Bobby Rush (D) - NO, 67% Animal Extremist Voter
2nd District **Incumbent Jesse Jackson Jr. (D) - NO, 89% Animal Extremist Voter
3rd District Open Seat Ryan Chlada (R)
Dan Lipinski (D) - WON
4th District Incumbent Luis Gutierrez (D) - NO, 67% Animal Extremist Voter
5th District Incumbent Rahm Emanuel (D) -NO, 89% Animal Extremist Voter
6th District **Incumbent Henry Hyde (R) - Inconsistent voting record
7th District **Incumbent Danny Davis (D) - NO, 56-75% Animal Extremist Voter
8th District Incumbent Phil Crane (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED - LOST
9th District Incumbent Jan Schakowsky (D) - NO, 100% Animal Extremist Voter
10th District Incumbent Mark Kirk (R) - NO, 89% Animal Extremist Voter
11th District **Incumbent Jerry Weller (R) - NO, 89% Animal Extremist Voter
12th District **Incumbent Jerry Costello (D) - NO, 89% Animal Extremist Voter
13th District **Incumbent Judy Biggert (D) - NO, 67% Animal Extremist Voter
14th District Incumbent Denny Hastert (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
15th District Incumbent Tim Johnson (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
16th District Incumbent Don Munzullo (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
17th District Incumbent Lane Evans (D) - NO, 89% Animal Extremist Voter
18th District Incumbent Ray Hood (R) - Modestly improved voting record
19th District Incumbent John Shimkus (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
Springfield politicians consistently sponsoring and supporting animal rightist legislation.
    Dan Cronin (R-21) Lombard
    John Cullerton* (D-6) Chicago
    Susan Garrett* (D-29) Highwood
    Don Harmon* (D-39) Oak Park
    Iris Martinez (D-20) Chicago

    Suzanne Bassi (R-54) Palatine
    Toni Berrios (D-39) Chicago
    Patricia Bellock (R-47) Westmont
    James Brosnahan (D-36) Oak Lawn
    Ralph Capparelli (D-20) Chicago
    House - cont.
    Marlow Colvin (D-33) Chicago
    William Davis (D-30) Harvey
    John Fritchey (D-11)* Chicago
    Joseph Lyons (D-19) Chicago
    Susana Mendoza (D-1) Chicago
    Michael McAuliffe (R-20) Chicago
    Kevin McCarthy (D-37) Orland Park
    Jack McGuire (D-86) Joliet
    Rosemary Mulligan (R-65) Des Plaines
    Harry Osterman (D-14) Chicago
    Sandra Pihos (R-41) Genn Ellyn
    Karen Yarbrough (D-7) Maywood
Underlined Senators and all House members stand for reelection in 2004.
* Denotes legislators also voting "No" or "Pass" on the 2004 Hunting Heritage Act.
Senator Don Harmon (D-39) chairs the new Illinois Senate Dog and Cat Population Control Advisory Committee, which seeks pet owner funding of the spay-neuter provisions of ASPCA/HSUS's HB184, perhaps the worst pet owner bill ever passed in the U.S.
U.S. House members voting against hunters and state game departments are shown in italics.
** Denotes professed sportsmen supporters.