Georgia's November 2, 2004 General Election
-All incumbents won-
U.S. Senate Open Seat Rep. Johnny Isakson (R) - NO!! HumaneUSA PAC Endorsed and Funded Animal Extremist Candidate - WON
1st District Incumbent Jack Kingston (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
2nd District Incumbent Sanford Bishop (D) - SAOVA ENDORSED
3rd District Incumbent Jim Marshall (D) - SAOVA ENDORSED
4th District Open Seat Cynthia McKinney (D) - NO! 100% Animal Extremist Voter
5th District Incumbent John Lewis (D) - NO! 100% Animal Extremist Voter
6th District Open Seat Tom Price (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED - WON
7th District **Incumbent John Linder (R) - NO! 56% Animal Extremist Voter
8th District Open Seat Lynn Westmoreland (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
9th District Incumbent Charlie Norwood (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
10th District Incumbent Nathan Deal (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
11th District Incumbent Phil Gingrey (R) SAOVA ENDORSED
12th District Incumbent Max Burns (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
13th District Incumbent David Scott (D) - SAOVA ENDORSED
HumaneUSA PAC previously funded and/or endorsed state legislators running for reelection in 2004
    Sen. Robert Brown* - (D26)
    Sen. Casey Cagle* - (R49) nro
    Sen. Vince Fort* - (D39) nro

    Rep. Mike Barnes - (D78) nro
    Rep. Stephanie Benfield* - (D85)
    House - continued
    Rep. Karla Drenner* - (D86) nro
    Rep. Bob Holmes - (D61) nro
    Rep. Bob Lane* - (R158) nro
    Rep. Nan Orrock* - (D58) nro
    Rep. Chuck Sims* - (D169) nro
    Rep. Calvin Smyre - (D132) nro
    Rep. Mike Snow - (D1)
nro denotes no reelection opponent
* Denotes animal rightist funded and endorsed politicians.

U.S. House members voting against hunters and state game departments are shown in italics.
** Denotes professed sportsmen supporters.