Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Alliance 2004 Questionnaire

Dear Mr./Mrs._______________:

As a candidate for (XX congressional district seat), you've indicated your views on a number of issues facing voters. The Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance (SAOVA) would like to better understand your position and feelings on animal ownership and the outdoor recreation sports of hunting and fishing.

Approximately 13 million Americans are licensed hunters, slightly more than 10% of all registered voters - anglers are even more numerous, 35 million. Over 60% of all U.S. households have a pet, most frequently a dog or a cat. These sportsmen and animal owners are under attack. Using the guise of "animal welfare," groups such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Fund for Animals, ASPCA, Doris Day Animal League (DDAL) and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) seek to eliminate or severely restrict many of our existing rights and traditions.

SAOVA is a nationwide, non-partisan group of men and women involved in hunting, fishing, and animal ownership. I'm a SAOVA volunteer. Many other voters and I would like to learn more of your opinion of and relationship with these so called "animal rights" organizations. Please take the opportunity to review and respond to this questionnaire so that your potential constituents may better know your opinions on the important topics affecting us.

Kindly reply by (Date), if at all possible. If this date isn't feasible for you, please indicate when I may look forward to your response.

* Do you or anyone in your immediate family hunt, with or without a dog?

* Do you philosophically support any animal rights or animal protection organizations? If so, please identify the organizations.

* Do any animal rights or animal protection organizations endorse you as a candidate or financially support your campaign?

* Do you support intrusive pet legislation, such as the proposed federal law on breeding frequency and a dog's parenting age (the so-called "Puppy Protection Act," H.R.3484)?

* Should pets be granted legal rights and accorded "guardianships?"

* Do you support the states' prerogatives to manage their resident wildlife populations and establish local hunting regulations, without federal interference?

* What is your position on the following animal and/or hunting related issues?

Hunting, including the use of hunting dogs
Animal medical research
Animal ownership and breeding (including pets, livestock and research animals)

All candidate responses, with failures to respond noted, will be summarized and distributed to assist voters in determining which candidates they might support in the upcoming elections. Your timely reply will be greatly appreciated. Questionnaire responses may be emailed to the Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance at (email address). Should you have any questions, please contact me at that same address. Candidates in 2002 found it useful to respond to SAOVA's questionnaire. Thank you for your cooperation.

Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance

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