Puppy Protection Act 2003

HR 3484, The Puppy Protection Act of 2003 (PPA) was introduced by Rep. Ed Whitfield (R, KY) and was virtually identical to the PPA introduced by Whitfield in the 107th Congress. The only difference between PPA2001 and PPA2003 was dropping the requirement for setting federal "socialization" standards for dogs. HSUS said in a press release that the decision to drop socialization standards was an attempt to reduce opposition to the bill. No Senate version of the bill was introduced.

Once again the PPA would regulate the breeding practices of dog breeders included in the scope of regulations. USDA would be required to adopt a punitive "three-strikes-and-you're-out" enforcement policy revoking the license to breed and sell dogs of persons who commit three violations of the USDA's regulations over an eight year period.

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