Pennsylvania November 6, 2012 General Election
U.S. Senate Incumbent Bob Casey (D) - SAOVA ENDORSED
Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed - won
1st District Incumbent Robert Brady (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
2nd District Incumbent Chaka Fattah (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
3rd District Incumbent Mike Kelly (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
4th District - OPEN SEAT Harry Ebiff Perkinson (D) v State Rep. Scott Perry (R)
5th District Incumbent Glenn Thompson (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
6th District Incumbent Jim Gerlach (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed and Funded Bill Sponsor
7th District Incumbent Patrick Meehan (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
8th District Incumbent Mike Fitzpatrick (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed and Funded Bill Sponsor
9th District Incumbent Bill Shuster (R) - Animal Rightist Flirtations
10th District Incumbent Tom Marino (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed and Funded Bill Sponsor
11th District Incumbent Lou Barletta (R) - Animal Rightist Flirtations
12th District Incumbent Mark Critz (D) - Animal Rightist Flirtations
v attorney Keith Rothfus (R) - REFUSED TO ANSWER QUESTIONNAIRE - won
13th District Incumbent Allyson Schwartz (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
14th District Incumbent Mike Doyle (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
15th District Incumbent Charlie Dent (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
16th District Incumbent Joe Pitts (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
17th District - OPEN SEAT Matt Cartwright (D) v Laureen Cummings (R)
18th District Incumbent Tim Murphy (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
19th District Lost in redistricting
Animal Rightist endorsed and/or sponsors of AR supported state legislation
Candidates for office noted below incumbents

Richard Alloway (R, 33)
Jay Costa (D, 43)
Andrew Dinniman (D, 19)
Vincent Hughes (D, 7)
Daylin Leach (D, 17)

Harry Readshaw (D, 36)
Louise W Bishop (D, 192)
Mike Carroll (D, 118)
Dom Costa (D, 21)
Anthony DeLuca (D, 32)
Florindo Fabriziio (D, 02)
Robert Freeman (D, 136)
Frank Farry (R, 142)
Jaret Gibons (D,10)
Neal Goodman (D, 123)
R. Ted Harhai (D, 58)
Sid M Kavulich (D, 114)
William Kortz ii (D, 38)
Tim Mahoney (D, 51)
Dan Moul (R, 91)
Michael O'Brien (D, 175)
Eddie Pashinski (D, 121)
Joseph Petrarca (D, 55)
Chris Sainato (D, 09)
Mario Scavello (R, 176)
Katharine Watson (R, 144)
Jesse White (D, 46)
Rosita Youngblood (D, 198)

Updated 11.06.12