Pennsylvania November 7, 2006 General Election
Governor Incumbent Ed Rendell (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
U.S. Senate Incumbent Rick Santorum (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed and Funded Bill Sponsor - LOST
1st District Incumbent Robert Brady (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
2nd District Incumbent Chaka Fattah (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
3rd District Incumbent Phil English (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed and Funded
4th District Incumbent Melissa Hart (R) - Animal Rightist Flirtations
5th District Incumbent John Peterson (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
6th District Incumbent Jim Gerlach (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed and Funded Bill Sponsor
7th District Incumbent Curt Weldon (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed - LOST
8th District Incumbent Mike Fitzpatrick (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed and Funded - LOST
9th District Incumbent Bill Shuster (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
10th District Incumbent Don Sherwood (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED - Lost
Chris Carney (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
11th District Incumbent Paul Kanjorski (D) - SAOVA ENDORSED
12th District Incumbent John Murtha (D) - SAOVA ENDORSED
13th District Incumbent Allyson Schwartz (D) - Inconsistent Freshman Record
14th District Incumbent Mike Doyle (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed and Funded
15th District Incumbent Charlie Dent (R) - Inconsistent Freshman Record
16th District Incumbent Joe Pitts (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
17th District Incumbent Tim Holden (D) - SAOVA ENDORSED
18th District Incumbent Tim Murphy (R) - Animal Rightist Flirtations
19th District Incumbent Todd Platts (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
Animal Rightist funded and/or endorsed state legislators
Facing reelection in 2006
(even districts):

2nd District: Christine Tartaglione (D)
4th District: Leanna Washington (D)
8th District: Anthony Williams (D)
12th District: Stewart Greenleaf (R)
16th District: Pat Browne (R)
18th District: Lisa Boscola (D)
36th District: Jason Leisey (D)*

Reelection in 2008
(odd districts):

3rd District Shirley Kitchen (D)
5th District Michael Stack (D)
7th District Vincent Hughes (D)
17th District Connie Williams (D)
33rd District Terry Punt (R)
43rd District Jay Costa (D)

2nd District: Flo Fabrizio (D) - NNO
18th District: Gene DiGirolamo (R)
20th District: Don Walko (D)
22nd District: Michael Diven (R) LOST
34th District: Paul Costa (D) - NNO
35th District: Marc Gergely (D)
36th District: Harry Readshaw (D)
37th District: Lee Heffner (D)*
40th District: John Maher (R) - NNO
House - cont.
56th District: James Casorio (D)
57th District: Thomas Tagretti (D)
86th District: Mark Keller (R) - NNO
88th District: Jerry Nailor (R)
96th District: Mike Sturla (D)
97th District: Timothy Callahan (D)*
103rd District: Ron Buxton (D)
113th District: Frank Shimkus (D)*
127th District: Thomas Caltagirone (D) - NNO
131st District: Karen Beyer (R)
136th District: Robert Freeman (D) - NNO
141st District: Anthony Melio (D)
149th District: Daylin Leach (D)
154th District: Lawrence Curry (D)
157th District: Carole Rubley (R)
159th District: Thaddeus Kirkland (D)
166th District: Greg Vitali (D)
168th District: Thomas Killion (R) LOST
180th District: Angel Cruz (D)
181st District: Curtis Thomas (D) - NNO
182nd District: Babette Josephs (D)
184th District: William Keller (D)
186th District: Harold James (D) - NNO
188th District: James Roebuck (D)
192nd District: Louise Bishop (D) - NNO
194th District: Kathy Manderino (D)
195th District: Frank Oliver (D) - NNO
197th District: Jewell Williams (D) - NNO
198th District: Rosita Youngblood (D)
* non-incumbent
NNO denotes No November Opponent