Michigan's November 7, 2006 General Election
U.S. Senate Incumbent Debbie Stabenow (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
1st District Incumbent Bart Stupak (D) - Animal Rightist Flirtations
2nd District Incumbent Pete Hoekstra (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
3rd District Incumbent Vern Ehlers (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
4th District Incumbent Dave Camp (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
5th District Incumbent Dale Kildee (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
6th District Incumbent Fred Upton (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
7th District OPEN SEAT Tim Walberg (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED - *WON*
Sharon Renier (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
8th District Incumbent Mike Rogers (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed and Funded
9th District Incumbent Joe Knollenberg (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED - *WON*
Nancy Skinner (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
10th District Incumbent Candice Miller (R) - SAOVA ENDORSED
11th District Incumbent Thaddeus McCotter (R) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
12th District Incumbent Sander Levin (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
13th District Incumbent Carolyn Kilpatrick (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
14th District Incumbent John Conyers (D) - Animal Rightist Endorsed and Funded
15th District Incumbent John Dingell (D) - SAOVA ENDORSED - *WON*
Aimee Smith (I) - Animal Rightist Endorsed
* * * Ballot Measures: Vote YES on Proposal 3 * * *

Animal Rightist funded and/or endorsed state legislators
1st District: Hansen Clarke (D)
2nd District: Martha G. Scott (D)
3rd District: Irma Clark-Coleman (D)
5th District: Tupac A. Hunter (D)
6th District: Glenn Anderson (D)
9th District: Dennis Olshove (D)
10th District: Michael N. Switalski (D)
13th District: John G. Pappageorge (R)
14th District: Gilda Z. Jacobs (D)
18th District: Liz Brater (D)
19th District: Mark Schauer (D)
20th District: Alexander C. Lipsey (D)
21st District: Ron Jelinek (R)
23rd District: Gretchen E. Whitmer (D)
28th District: Scott Harvey (R)
29th District: Bill Hardiman (R)
30th District: Scott W. VanderStoep (D)
32nd District: Carl M. Williams (D)
34th District: Gerald VanWoerkom (R)

1st District: Edward J. Gaffney (R)
5th District: Bert Johnson (D) - NNO
6th District: Marsha G. Cheeks (D)
7th District: Virgil Smith (D)
10th District: Gabe Leland (D)

House, cont'd
11th District: Morris W. Hood (D) - NNO
12th District: Steven H. Tobocman (D)
18th District: Sam Durante (R)
22nd District: Hoon-Yung Hopgood (D)
23rd District: Kathleen Law (D)
25th District: Steven Bieda (D)
26th District: Marie Donigan (D)
27th District: Andy Meisner (D)
28th District: Lisa Wojno (D)
35th District: Paul Condino (D)
37th District: Aldo Vagnozzi (D)
38th District: Tim Jarrell (D)
39th District: David Law (R)
42nd District: Frank Accavitti (D)
45th District: Thomas L. Werth (D)
54th District: Alma Wheeler Smith (D)
57th District: Dudley Spade (D)
67th District: Donald R. Vickers (R)
69th District: Mark S. Meadows (D)
70th District: Christopher Mahar (D)(see note)**
71st District: Victor Braatz (D)
76th District: Michael G. Sak (D)
81st District: Phillip J. Pavlov (R)
105th District: Tom Hay Bauer (D)

** Questionable endorsement. Possible error by the Humane USA PAC.
NNO denotes No November Opponent